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**I have to tell you I have been fishing Lake Simcoe for 9 years now and this year
was my best by far. I picked up some of your slab grabbers from Gander
Mountain and it turned out to be the best lure I have ever used hands down. I
made two trips this year to the lake and each time I caught well over 300 perch,
keeping only the nicest ones. Your spoons attract the jumbo’s to bite that other
lures don’t. Attached is a picture of my last trip there are 44 perch in the 5 gallon
bucket! Unbelievable results! Thanks for the great lure’s, I am a customer for life
now, as are all of my fishing buddies.

**   HEY, Darin - thanks for showing us how and where to catch some nice perch!
It was the best perch fishing I ever seen!!! I got my 50 and ended up with 7 lbs of
perch fillets man what a catch -  I got your site address from Dave and I just had
to have some of those killer lures!  THANKS AGAIN - signed RON! HOPE TO SEE

*The great lakes produce lots of perch. I never head out on the ice without a
mess of your slab grabbers. My wife and I, never come off the ice until the bucket
is full.  Thanks to your products, its not an ALL day task. Thank you.

**Great jig  - -always a favorite in my tackle box!!

**I've used the hooks before they are unbelievable!

**  Used your jigs for the first time last winter and feel in love with them

** This is the only spoon I have used for two years at Mitchell's and
Simcoe.  Great Spoons!!!

** Hello, I work and fish with Justin in the Manistee area.  Last weekend we went
perch fishing and did very well.  He was using your lures and I was using
wigglers.  Please send me a catalog because I would like to purchase some of
your lures.  Thanks,  Mark

** Bought 2 of your slab grabbers from the Bass Haven shop in Mitchell’s bay,
Ontario and used them that very day.   Came in about 5 hours later with a great
limit of yellow bellies for 2 great lures and would love to buy more …

** I love the slab grabbers…. I need MORE!

** Unbelievable results. Please send me a catalog

** Your spoons are the best!  Could you please send me a catalog

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Local perch are real Slab Grabbers

It was love at first bite!
Ahh, maybe I should explain what I mean before I get too far into
this week's article and I give the wrong impression here.
I was recently introduced to a hot new lure that is relatively new to
Ontario anglers and last weekend I was fortunate enough to get
to fish with the owner of the company that makes this lure, during
the B.J. Tackle ice fishing derby on Rice Lake. Actually, not only is
Darin McGathy the owner of these baits, he is also the designer
of them as well, and he made the trek from Michigan up here to
fish with me last Saturday and to show me how these Slab
Grabbers, as they are called, catch perch after perch.
Do they work? Does a fish have fins?
Although I've seen and tried other lures called Jack Spoons that
are similar to Darin's baits and are very popular on Lake Simcoe,
I was never a believer in them and had no confidence when ever
I tried them. Sure, I caught a few fish on them, but they never
produced like they were supposed to.
Not so with the Slab Grabbers, and that why I said it was love at
first bite. I only had one on for a couple of minutes before I caught
my first perch, then another. And then another. And another. It
went like that most of the few hours I spent on the ice Saturday,
and Darin actually won the derby using one of his favourites.
You should also know this. Most guys caught only two or three
fish during the derby and a few caught fewer than 10 each. The
bite was that tough, but not for us! Sure, we didn't catch many big
perch, but we sure caught a lot of them. I popped 20 out of one
hole alone -- mostly on the small size, but there were some
eaters there, too.
Then, on Tuesday, I went to Rice Lake again with Mitchell
Schroter to test out some of these new babies Darin had left me
to play with, and I'm convinced more than ever these Slab
Grabbers are one of the very best perch lures I've ever fished, bar
I kept 17 perch between nine and 13 inches and released
numerous other ones to live again, even some that were big
enough to eat. The Slab Grabbers even outfished live shiner
minnows on set lines, and anyone who ice fishes for Rice Lake
perch know shiners are tough to beat any time. Out of the almost
40 perch I caught Tuesday, only seven came on the minnows;
the rest on -- you guessed it -- the Slab Grabbers. What's that tell
you? I don't have a penny invested in these lures, I'm just telling
you what happened.
So what's different about these magic spoons? First of all, they
aren't made from cheap tin like most others similar to them are.
Darin's are made of stainless steel or brass and he uses only
high-quality hooks.
They come in three sizes, 1.25-inch, two-inch and three-inch for
larger fish such as pike, trout walleye and whitefish. Oh, yeah,
they don't just catch perch. The smaller ones are perfect for
crappie and speckle trout too.
There are several different styles of these fish catchers, each
with its own distinctive style. Some are fast divers, some flutter
and wobble, some have a flipping action. You have to try them for
yourself to decide which one works best for you.
Keep this in mind, though. You don't use light-action rods to jig
these lures with. In fact, you want a stiff-action rod and you need
to use a swivel on your line, as the lure will cut it if you go without
one. Also, eight-pound test, high-vis line is recommended so you
can see every tick of the line. With the Slab Grabbers, the fish
don't even notice you are using heavier line; they only seem to
key in on the action of the spoon. The thicker line is needed to
get the right action on the spoon, as lighter line and rods just
won't get the performance needed.
When it comes to rods, Darin and his pals make their own out of
broken aluminum arrow shafts and there is no reel on them.
These guys have a unique way of gathering up the line with the
rod and their free hand, and the best part is that they never get
their hands wet. They pinch the barb down on the hook and when
they land a fish they just touch its tail on the ice and the lure falls
right out! Okay, okay, I was skeptical, too, but it sure works. I'm
lucky when it comes to getting to test a lot of new fishing
products and I've seen a lot of good ones and some real dogs
over the years.
Put the Slab Grabbers right at the top of the list in the "very good"
category. Like I said, it was love at first bite.
You can get these unbelievable baits at B.J. Tackle in Bewdley,
but don't wait too long. The shelves will empty really quickly now
that the word is out!
Here are the results of last Saturday's B.J. Tackle ice fishing
derby. Forty-three adults and 20 youth took park in a great day of
line dipping and I'm sure there will be more entrants next year.
And bet your bottom dollar there will be a lot of Slab Grabbers
being jigged that day!
Perch: first place -- Darin McGarthy, .89 lbs.; second place --
Chris Giles, .79 lbs.
Sunfish: first place, Dave Burns; second place, Steve Hatton.
Crappie: first place, Michael Brown; second place, Chris Gilcott.
Well, that's it for this week. I'll be on Rice Lake tomorrow doing
some Slab Grabbing if all goes well, and of course I'll let you
know how it all works out. Fire up the frying pan. I'm on a fishin'
Thanks to everyone for the great feed back....
Article by Terry Curtis and
the Fishing Derby